Parcel Locker with Integrated Seating X33

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New parcel letterboxes with sitting features

With real solid wood panels

Large volume capacity


In a world where convenience meets innovation, imagine a solution that not only securely stores your packages but also offers a comfortable spot to pause and relax. Introducing the Parcel Locker with Integrated Seating—a revolutionary concept designed to redefine how you receive and manage your deliveries.

Enhanced Convenience and Security

Our parcel locker with seating combines the practicality of secure package storage with the added benefit of a built-in bench. It’s perfect for residential complexes, office buildings, and shared spaces where efficiency and comfort are paramount. Whether you're expecting a small envelope or a large shipment, our lockers come in various sizes to accommodate all your delivery needs.

Features Designed for You

Imagine coming home to find your packages securely stored in a weather-resistant locker, all while having the convenience of a comfortable seat to collect your items. Our units are equipped with sturdy benches, providing a convenient resting place as you retrieve your deliveries.

Versatile Solutions for Every Environment

Whether placed outdoors on a patio or inside a lobby, our parcel lockers with integrated seating blend seamlessly into any environment. They are available in a range of styles and colors to complement your building's aesthetic while offering practicality and durability.


The Future of Package Management

Experience the future of package management with our innovative parcel lockers featuring integrated seating. Designed for today’s busy lifestyles, they streamline the delivery process while enhancing the usability of shared spaces.

Discover Your Perfect Parcel Locker Today

Explore our range of parcel lockers with integrated seating and find the solution that best fits your needs. Whether you're a homeowner looking to simplify deliveries or a property manager seeking to enhance tenant satisfaction, our products offer unmatched convenience and security.

Transform the way you manage deliveries with the Parcel Locker with Integrated Seating—a fusion of functionality and comfort that redefines the delivery experience.

Highlight or Feature

Mild steel with powder coating

Large Capacity: This parcel box can receive many pieces of packages.

Weatherproof: The parcel box is made of sturdy galvanized steel with a powder coating finish, which make parcel box corrosion-proof, and the anti-water struction against rain and wind.

Anti-theft: The parcel box is equiped with code or keys lock, and metal cabinet body can both avoid stealing packages..

Easy Installation: There are pre-drilled holes at the bottom of the parcel box for easy installation. In addition, our accesories inlcuded expansion bolts to help fixing the parcel cabinet to the ground against bad weather and theft.

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