Large Freestanding Parcel Locker X15

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A parcel delivery box, also known as a parcel drop box or package locker, is a secure and convenient way to receive packages at your home or office when you are not available to receive them in person. Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Installation: The parcel delivery box is installed either near your front door, on your porch, or in a common area of an apartment complex or office building. It is typically mounted securely to the ground or a wall to prevent theft.

  2. Use by Delivery Services: When you order a package for delivery to your home or office, you provide the delivery address along with instructions to place the package in the parcel delivery box.

  3. Secure Storage: Once the package is placed inside the box, it is securely locked until you retrieve it. This prevents theft and weather damage to your packages.

  4. Access: To retrieve your package, you typically unlock the box using a key, or a code that controls the lock. 

  5. Types of Boxes: Parcel delivery boxes come in various sizes to accommodate different package sizes and volumes. 

  6. Maintenance: Regular maintenance may include ensuring the box remains secure and weather-resistant, and keeping the interior clean and free from obstructions.

Benefits of using a parcel delivery box include increased security for your packages, convenience since you can retrieve packages at your convenience, and protection from weather elements. They are particularly useful for people who receive frequent deliveries or who are often away from home during delivery times.

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Highlight or Feature

Mild steel with powder coating

Large Capacity: This parcel box can receive many pieces of packages.

Weatherproof: The parcel box is made of sturdy galvanized steel with a powder coating finish, which make parcel box corrosion-proof, and the anti-water struction against rain and wind.

Anti-theft: The parcel box is equiped with code or keys lock, and metal cabinet body can both avoid stealing packages..

Easy Installation: There are pre-drilled holes at the bottom of the parcel box for easy installation. In addition, our accesories inlcuded expansion bolts to help fixing the parcel cabinet to the ground against bad weather and theft.

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